Project Logistic Leader

Project Logistic Leader is a placement programme for University students studying a Logistic related course which includes a year in industry.

Applicants will effectively join the British Army, undergo Officer training and become a Troop Commander in The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC).  By doing so they will gain invaluable training, hands on logistic management experience and personal development skills such as leadership and man management.

Students who take part in Project Logistic Leader will undergo Officer selection followed by eight weeks Officer training at the world renowned Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).  At the end of the course they will graduate as Second Lieutenants and join a regular RLC regiment as a Troop Commander under the Lead First scheme.  Here they will manage and lead RLC Soldiers and gain first hand experience of many aspects of military logistics.

Your service will conclude in August 18.  Thereafter you will be invited to continue service as a Reserve Officer in the RLC should you wish to do so.  You are however under no obligation to continue service with either the Regular Army or Reserve Army.


The scheme offers many benefits to placement students who serve their industrial placement year with the Royal Logistic Corps.  These include:

  • Up to £30,000 salary
  • 30 days paid annual leave
  • Subsidised accommodation – live in the Officers’ Mess with other young officers.
  • Mess social life – dinner nights, balls and camaraderie.
  • Man management experience
  • Leadership Training
  • Real hands-on experience of military logistics
  • Access to an esteemed network of RLC Alumni who work in the logistics sector
  • Sport and Adventurous Training including Skiing, Mountaineering, Sub-aqua and other.
The scheme offers many benefits to placement student who serve their industrial placement year with the Royal Logistic Corps.  These include:

Troop Commander

As a Troop Commander (Tp Comd) you will be responsible for the management and output of a troop of British soldiers ranging from 30 to 60 in number.

In the RLC troops are arranged into their trade groups to support one of the operational outputs of the RLC: Supply, Distribution, Maritime or Movement Control.

With an experienced Staff Sergeant (SSgt) alongside you as an advisor you will be responsible for ensuring that your troop’s role is achieved, that your superior commander’s intent is met, and for managing the careers of the men and women who serve under you.  Furthermore, pending on the operational readiness of your unit, there may be opportunities for both UK and international Exercises whereby you deploy into a scenario to practice your and your soldiers’ skills “in the field.”

Life as a Troop Commander is not all work though…

There will be prospects for Adventurous Training, presenting the chance to test yourself in the full spectrum of outdoor pursuits ranging from hill walking to alpine skiing or parachuting.  Not only that, as an officer in the British Army you will have the honour and privilege of being a member of the Officer’s Mess and enjoy the lifestyle, camaraderie and tradition that comes with Mess Life.  Regimental dinners, annual Balls or just a Wednesday night get together, there is no more exclusive club that sees likeminded people share such a bespoke and dedicated environment.

How To Apply

Application and Selection Stages

  • Stage 1: Apply to RHQ the RLC with CV and covering letter
  • Stage 2: Begin online application to join the Army Reserve as a potential Officer (PO)
  • Stage 3: Attend interview local to the applicant’s University.
  • Stage 4: Attend RLC Development W/E to prepare for the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB)
  • Stage 5: Attend selection at AOSB Briefing and Main Board

Although pay cannot initially be claimed the Army will cover any significant travel and subsistence expenses.

Training and Placement

Those candidates who are successful at AOSB will attend the Reserve Commissioning Course at Sandhurst. Thereafter they will join a Regular RLC unit for one year’s duration. Each candidate will be asked which area of Logistics is of interest and if possible they will be paired with that sector, be it transport, maritime, air or other. After one year they will return to university and if they wish to do so can continue to serve as a Reserve Officer in the RLC.

For more information, please email RLCRHQ-LOGLeader@mod.uk

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