Access To The Archives

Unfortunately during the design and building phase of the new museum we are unable to offer access to our archives or assist with research enquiries from members of the public. However, our excellent online archive is available at the following link: www.rlcarchive.org/Welcome

Obtaining Service Records

Personal Service Records are not held by The Royal Logistic Corps Museum.

Service Records for those who completed their military service by 1921 will be held, if they survive, at The National Archives in Kew:

The National Archives
Ruskin Avenue
020 8876 3444
(These records are also available with a subscription to www.ancestry.com)

Service Records for those who completed their military service after 1921 are held by the MOD’s Army Personnel Centre. These records are no yet fully in the public domain, but can be obtained by the servicemen, servicemen’s widows and other next-of-kin. The contact details for the Army Personnel Centre are:

Army Personnel Centre
Historic Disclosures
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
G2 8EX
01412 243030

Medal Entitlement

Information about the medal entitlement of an individual can be obtained through an application to the following agency:

Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency
Ministry of Defence Medal Office
Building 250
Royal Air Force Innsworth

RLC Archive.org
Forming Corps Journals

The Royal Logistic Corps Museum Archive holds a complete set of The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) and Forming Corps Journals, dating from the 19th Century to the present day. The website www.rlcarchive.org has placed online all of the Forming Corps Journals, up to their amalgamation into The RLC in 1993. The Journals can be browsed by page or you can search them by a word or phrase of your choice.

The Journals are a valuable source of information on the activities of the Forming Corps and the lives of those who served with them. The Journals provide details on operations, exercises, unit news and Corps sport.

For those wishing to learn more about individual soldiers and officers who served in the Forming Corps, the Journals can be a very useful source of research. They published details of individuals’ promotions, postings, marriages and obituaries. Casualty lists, seniority lists and medal awards were also published in the Journals. At the very least, they can provide general background information to an officer’s or soldier’s time in the Forming Corps.

Unofficial Forming Corps Journals

Also available at www.rlcarchive.org are the unofficial ASC Radiator Journals, published 1916-1919, and the Army Ordnance Corps (AOC) Workshop Gazettes, published 1916-1918. These publications offer a further insight into the work of the ASC and AOC during World War I, in addition to the official Corps Journals.

Quarterlies and Reviews

The website has also published online the Quarterlies/Reviews of the Army Service Corps/Royal Army Service Corps (ASC/RASC), that were published from 1905-1964. These more-scholarly publications provide a more detailed understanding of the work of the ASC/RASC. Articles in the Quarterlies were usually written by serving officers on subjects that include doctrinal and technological developments within the Corps. The Quarterlies also published narratives of campaigns and operations, written with an emphasis on supply and transport in the British Army.

Over time, the format of the Journals did occasionally change. Consequently, the contents emphasis does vary. Please note that, although the website offers access to all the Journals published up to 1993, within these years there were periods when some of the Forming Corps did not produce a Journal. Activities and operations that did occur in those years which journals were not published are usually written up retrospectively, when the publication of the Journals resumed. Details for when the Forming Corps did not publish Journals are as follows:

The AOC did not publish its first Journal until 1906. No Journal was published from 1915-1918.
The Royal Pioneer Corps did not publish its first Journal until 1946. We do have the Journal that was produced by 30 Group, Pioneer Corps from 1943-1945.
The Army Catering Corps’ first Journal was not published until 1947.
ASC/RASC Quarterlies were not published from 1915-1921 and 1940-1948.

Access to the Journals is on a pay-per-view or subscription basis. Please see www.rlcarchive.org.uk for further details.

Enlistment Records

Also available on www.rlcarchive.org are enlistment records from the early 1920s until the late inter-war years.