Friends Of The Museum and Museum Volunteers

The Friends of The Royal Logistic Corps Museum support the museum by promoting it and giving it financial and practical support and assistance. These activities are carried out in close cooperation with the museum’s management and staff. The Society is independent of the museum and of The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC), but works in very close contact with both.

If you would like to become a Friend of The Royal Logistic Corps Museum, contact the museum on 01252 833371 or write to us and we will put you in contact with the Secretary of the Friends.

The museum also has a dedicated group of volunteers, who support the museum in a range of ways. From assisting at events, to working with the Curatorial and Archive teams to document the collections, to maintaining and giving public access to our collection of vintage military vehicles, they give invaluable support to the team at the museum.

By being the primary support organisation for the museum, outside of the Army, the Friends of The Royal Logistic Corps Museum seek to provide that support both financially and practically, by playing a role in introducing or adopting ideas that enhance the reputation and programmes of the museum. We are a full partner with the museum in promoting and helping to deliver the museum’s programmes, objects, displays and special exhibitions by a variety of means, including financial support, military and logistic experience, and practical volunteer effort.

We aim to continue to build our advocacy role in support of the museum, both generally and through the development of partnerships, so as to ensure that the legacy of the people whose stories are told by the museum are not forgotten and are, indeed, enhanced.

The Friends of The Royal Logistic Corps Museum support the museum in a variety of ways. They visit as often as they are able, take very opportunity to advertise and support it and subscribe to the Society in the knowledge that available funds are transferred to the museum in the form of funding for specific projects, or the purchase of specific items. These decisions are made at the AGM.

Participation in the Activities of the Museum

Some of the Friends are active contributors to the Friends and the museum. Some are less so. The choice is entirely yours. If you are interested in becoming an active Friend your support would be greatly welcomed.

Helping as a Volunteer

There are many ways in which volunteers can and do support the museum. There are a number of roles available, so if you are interested in volunteering, come into the museum and speak to a member of staff. They will be able to tell you what is currently available and how you might be able to help your museum.

As a volunteer, you will become an Honorary Friend of the Museum and receive the newsletter, without having to pay the subscription fee. This is as, though Friends give their funding support, you are already supporting the museum by giving your time and expertise.