The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) was formed on 5 April 1993. The RLC provides essential logistic support and services to the British Army wherever it is in the world. In peacetime and on operations it is the Corps’ job to support the movement of servicemen and women to where they need to be-whether by land, sea or air-and to store and deliver the essential equipment and supplies that the Army needs to do its job, from Challenger II battle tanks to food ration packs.

The RLC was formed from the amalgamation of five ‘Forming Corps’ comprising of the Postal and Courier Service the Royal Engineers, Royal Corps of Transport, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Royal Pioneer Corps and the Army Catering Corps. Click here for┬ábrief outlines of the history of The RLC’s Forming Corps.

The Royal Logistic Corps started life in 1993 as a multi-skilled community, a large and hugely gifted team, whose predecessors served under a variety of different cap-badges in every part of the world where the Army has been stationed. The traditions and achievements of the past are an inspiration for the logistic soldier of today and a solid base in an ever-changing world. The first years of the RLC have already seen its men and women involved around the globe as the cutting edge of humanitarian aid, and more recently in combat operations.