Catering alongside the Royal Navy

RLC chef LCpl Scott is working onboard HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH alongside Royal Naval chefs

RLC chef LCpl Scott A Barnett writes about his experiences catering onboard HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH working alongside Royal Naval chefs.

Since joining HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH in Jun 2018, I have had an interesting time, it has been a
real eye opener in what it takes to run the five different galleys on this mobile airport.

So far, six months in to my 12 month loan, it has been a very enjoyable experience for me working alongside the Royal Naval chefs onboard what they call “home”.

The best part about being onboard HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH has to be the different environments
and areas of the world I constantly find myself working in. It varies from waking up to the vast ocean
surrounded by nothing but clear blue skies, to waking up the next day and being able to experience a whole new culture and having time off to explore.

I have been given many opportunities to learn as much as I can from the 53 catering services
personnel onboard, their team ethos and work ethic is immense, working a daily 12 hour shift
pattern, seven days a week.

Having vast experience of working in the field and catering for large numbers has given me the chance to show off my skills onboard when catering for the 1500 personnel we can carry.

Over the next six months I am hoping to get more opportunities to move around the other areas
within the catering services department, enabling me to explore the catering office, which is solely in charge of the six massive storing areas providing the stock to feed 1500 personnel for 60 days.

I also hope to be able to work in the flag galley serving the Captain, Commodore of the Carrier Strike Group and other VIP’s and finally the Air Crew Refreshment galley which provides a 24 hour service for the Aircrew supporting the task group.

Overall I have hugely enjoyed my loan to the Royal Navy, apart from a touch of sea sickness, yes
this massive ship weighing in at 65000 tonnes does move around. I look forward to the next six
months that I have left onboard.

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