Movement Controller

What is it?

Movement Controllers are responsible for the planning, preparation and efficient movement of troops, vehicles and supplies from main base locations to anywhere in the world. So you’ll need great inter-personal and organisational skills as you often have to control soldiers and officers who are more senior to you.


What’s so great about it?

You will be naturally independent, authoritative, able to think on youMovement Controllerr feet and have great diplomatic skills.

You will get a qualification and plenty of experience in the Movement of Dangerous Goods – great for future civilian employment.

Great promotion prospects, you can move up the ranks very quickly. More responsibility means more assignment opportunities across the globe. Nice!

Opportunities for travel – wherever the Army is deployed in the world there is a Movement Controller – so expect to be anywhere at any time!

You will initially be posted to 29 Regiment RLC in South Cerney (Cirencester) where you will manage the movement troops, vehicles and supplies in the UK and across the globe. You will be working in and controlling the movement through military or commercial ports, airports, railheads or road networks.

You get to work alongside the RAF and Navy as well as the Army.

You get to take charge – this role requires someone with the ability to give instructions and have the confidence to brief to a range of different ranks.

You are given responsibility early in your career.

You will learn about Intermodal travel, international movement and use specialist computer systems and networks.

You will be working both in and outdoors.

Qualifications you will gain:

  • Dangerous Goods Consignor by all modes of transport including Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) shippers’ qualification
  • Modern Apprenticeship in Logistic Operations
  • Modern Apprenticeship in International Trade and Logistic Operations
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Levels 2, 3 and 5 accreditation
  • Opportunity to do a Masters Degree in Logistics

Career Professional Development

On The Ground

Hear what it's like to be a Movement Controller:

Private Brockis

Private Hallam

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