The RLC Is Recruiting For Regulars & Reserves

The RLC is the largest Corps in the British Army and wherever in the world you find the Army, you’ll find us. Why choose the RLC?

  • Diversity - No other single organisation inside or outside the Army provides such a diverse set of services.
  • Opportunity – Travel, Promotion, Adventure and Challenge – we’ve got it all!
  • Professional Qualifications – we are world leaders in logistical training, with first class facilities.

Soldier Careers

  • Driver We need drivers to deliver vital supplies including fuel, water and ammo forward into battle.
  • Driver Communication Specialist You work closely with Officers and setup communications systems on operations.
  • Chef Produce nutritious meals in static kitchens or on the move in the field.
  • Petroleum Operator Store, handle and deliver petroleum products to where they are needed, wherever they are needed.
  • Postal and Courier Operator Ensure the secure delivery of mail for all three services.
  • Marine Engineer Maintain, repair and keep all the moving parts of marine vessels working.
  • Mariner Navigate sea-going craft used for transporting troops and supplies.
  • Port Operator Provide the tactical, safe and effective loading and discharging of military vessels around the world.
  • Logistic Specialist (Supply) Responsible for the issue, storage and receipt of all army supplies.
  • Movement Controller Ensure the safe and efficient movement of troops, vehicles and supplies around the world.
  • Ammunition Technician * You are a highly skilled explosive expert, specialising in the storage, movement and disposal of ammunition as well as bomb disposal.
  • Driver Air Despatcher * You drop provisions, equipment and vehicles by plane in to combat zones.
  • Systems Analyst * Travel all over the world, managing and maintaining IT systems that aid logistics, fix problems with network infrastructures and operating systems.
  • Photographers * Photograph anything from combat zones overseas, to regimental parades to daily life back in the UK.
  • Vehicle Support Specialists * You're trained to maintain, service and drive all army vehicles in many different types of conditions.
  • Tank Transporters * You drive the world’s most powerful heavy equipment transporter, you load everything from battle tanks to bridging equipment and drive it to the right location.

* Trades only available to Regular Soldiers

Officer Careers

To meet the demands of the job, RLC officers have to be highly versatile and organised, resourceful and adaptable.


As a 2Lt you will command a Troop of between 20-70 soldiers in barracks, on exercise and on operations.


Opportunities for a bachelor’s degree (from Lincoln University) via accreditation or the opportunity for full time degrees at civilian universities. Further options for masters and even PHD level accreditation are available.

Professional Technical Courses

We are the only capbadge to offer Professional Technical Courses for our Regular Young Officers. They are as follows:

  • Ammunition Technical Officer CourseTeaches you how to manage, maintain and dispose of ammunition, how to design and inspect storage sites and how to dispose of unexploded ordnance and improvised explosive devices.
  • Petroleum Officer CourseTeaches Officers how to establish and operate Petroleum installations.
  • Officer Food Service CourseInterested in food? This course studies nutrition, accounting, storage, marketing and legislation. The course includes a number of modules that can be put towards an MBA.
  • Port & Maritime Operations Officer CourseIn depth studies into port and beach reconnaissance enabling young RLC officers to oversee safe and efficient port and maritime operations.

Interested? Want to Know More?

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Greater Challenges

Both Officers and soldiers in the Corps have the opportunity to complete arduous courses to work with the Paras, Commandos and Special Forces.

There is also the opportunity to complete language and cultural training.

Leaving the Corps?

If you are leaving the corps and would like some help transitioning into a civilian career, sign up to our mailing list and we will email you on an ad hoc basic with links to employers who are keen to employ ex-military personnel.

Thinking Of Rejoining?

If you left the Corps and maybe wish you had not or you are finding work hard to find, then have you considered rejoining us?

We currently have a limited number of places available for Rejoins in certain trades. It will be based on our manning requirements and your ability to meet the correct criteria.

If you left the Corps less than 6 years ago - you will not have to redo Phase 1 training. If you left the Corps more than 6 years ago - you will have to redo Phase 1 training.

Please apply online

Want To Retrade?

Feel like a change in direction? Have you considered retrading?

The Royal Logistic Corps is looking for:

  • Ammunition Technicians
  • Logistic Specialist (Suppliers)
  • Vehicle Support Specialists
  • Movement Controllers
  • Mariner
  • Petroleum Operator
  • Driver
  • Driver Communications Specialist
  • Marine Engineer
  • Postal & Courier Operator
  • Driver Tank Transporter

For more information Speak to your unit RCMO for advice or view the Official Armies Vacancies list